Is Talking Your Best Talent?
Want To Make Money From It? You’re In The Right Place…

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Why work with Phone.Do?
We’re on the lookout for people who want to earn cash. If you want to explore an opportunity to make money without committing or leaving your current role then we’ve got just the opportunity for you. We’re here to help you develop a business on the back of your passion and talent. PhoneDo have a large number of tools that enable you to grow a busines with us and make more money. Don’t work for the man. Those days are from the past. Develop a business on the back of talking to people. What’s there not to love?
Who Can I Work For?
Whatever your skills, there is an opportunity for you with PhoneDo. If you are a master of sales, then we’ve got just the opportunity for you. There are companies out there crying out for your skills. Love helping people? Then we can connect you with businesses that need someone with a sympathetic ear and a calming nature. Not only can you do one of these, you can switch between the two, depending on how you feel. How good is that?
How Does It Work?
Step 1 - Registration
Simply complete your details. We need to know a little about you so we can match you with the right opportunities. This includes your name, address, languages spoken, skills, employment experience, degrees, qualifications, expertise, hobbies, etc.
Step 2 - Creating Your Profiles
Once your part of the PhoneDo family, you can set up profiles according to the type of activity you are looking for. The more profiles you have, the greater your chance of earning. Don’t worry, you can always add more profiles, edit or delete a profile or even pause your account for a short while – whatever suits you. You are totally in control!
Step 3 - Activation
The next step is to activate the profile or profiles that you are ready to use. You set up how long you’re available for – whether that’s a regular schedule, a set timeframe or you’re ready to start right away. Again, the power is in your hands.
We operate a number of call centers on behalf of our clients. This gives you the opportunity to work with as many or as few of these as you’d like.
How much do I get paid?
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We recommend a tariff for your work with our clients, based on demand and supply plus what they want you to do for them. A business can set a maximum price they are willing to pay. The right balance for all of us is that there are enough calls for you guys plus it being financially viable for the company. We find the right balance so that everyone wins.
How & When do I get Paid?
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What is PhoneDo’s cut?
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Are there any costs to join?
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How can I get promoted?
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How do I earn even more?
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