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Why does my business need Phonedo?
Unleash the awesome power of your mobile phone for your business. Phone.Do put simply is a telephone answering service for your business. Or an outbound calling facility for your business. But the tech behind it means that it does so much more than that. Our amazing technology allows a remote agent to work as though they were embedded right at the center of your business.
The call center in your pocket.
It takes time, money and expertise to set up an effective hotline, whether you’re taking incoming calls or making outgoing ones. And then you might have reps sat there waiting or the call. You pay these people to sit there twiddling their thumbs – burning into your cash. Or they spend hours making unanswered call after unanswered call.
But no more… Phone.Do is here to take all the strain for you. We have done all the legwork for you, building a call center that works perfectly for your business. Plus, we only charge for actual airtime – not call attempts, which typically account for 80% of rep time. But that’s not the only cost saving… Agile - switch on and off whenever you need it.
Rather than commit to long contracts or build a costly team to service your clients, switch Phone.Do on and off whenever your business dictates. When you’re busy, we have the capacity to grow with you. When you’re quiet, switch us off until you need us again. We don’t hold you to a contract or expect you to pay for services you don’t need. Modern business is agile and flexible. Come over to Phone.Do and get a call centre facility that is just as agile as you.
Which agent fits my business?
Phonedo allows you to define and sort agents according to languages, specialties, employment experience, and mostly according to ratings and recommendations from other businesses. Our experts analyse the qualities of agents in real time and embed that in a system that is accessible to you. The professional priorities ensure maximal results.
What’s Next?
Step 1 - Registration
Simply register your account with us. We need some details to be able to get you started and match you up with the right agent for your business.
Step 2 - Setting You Up For Success
Obviously, we need a switchboard. PhoneDo is a telephony-based solution. It might be that we are able to connect to your existing interface and adjust it, so it works on our system. Once this is set up, we’re ready to start delivering for you. We work with your needs, large or small, no matter where you are on planet earth! In addition, the options are endless, such as free numbers, call routers, voicemail, customer relations management and more. Let us know what you need, and we’ll take care of the technical side. Relax! You’re with PhoneDo now!
Step 3 – Create Telephone Campaigns
We give you access to a comprehensive toolkit to make your campaign a success. These include
• Voice marketing
• Text SMS message marketing
• Writing and content editing
• Call success measurement
• Call analysis
• And moreWe have the expertise to help you build an effective campaign. Whether it’s building the right scripts, defining the campaign goals or anything else – we’re here to help you get the most from your campaigns.
Step 4 – Setting Up The Hotlines
We assign each campaign with its own IP address of phone number. This allows you and us to identify where the calls go to. This is where the flexibility in our system comes to the fore. You get to set
• the number of agents
• the working hours
• what work they will be doing
• what skills they must have
• employment experience
• ranking on our site
• languages spoken
• And other criteria This ensures you get the right agents for your campaign – delivering success. And then it’s time to set the budget. We have a range of flexible pricing options, so you always get the cover you need at a price you can afford.
Step 5 – Set Up Your Payment
PhoneDo is prepaid, so before we get you active its time to top up your account. Don’t forget – there are no setup fees and no monthly ongoing fees to be a part of the PhoneDo community. Another reason to choose us!
Step 6 – Activation
Now we’ve got you all up and ready to start, it’s activation time! Our agents are ready to start working with you. The system is designed to help you get up and running quickly. Now is the time to put the planning into action. We’re here to help you make the decisions that will keep your service up and running with the right agents. Don’t hesitate to get in touch.
As calls come onto our system, PhoneDo automatically ‘pushes’ notifications out to our community. Bids are sent to all agents that match your criteria and budget.
Who pays the agents?
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Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. There are different ways of making payments (per hour, per minute, outgoing calls, incoming calls, sales made) and we deal with all of these on your behalf.
What is PhoneDo’s cut?
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Are there any costs to join?
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