If you save on service, customers will run away

"Comprehensive Report: The influence of customer service on long-term revenue
The impact of good customer service on consumer buying decisions cannot be understated.

Consumers frequently interact with companies and are occasionally dissatisfied with the outcome. So, what defines a negative customer service experience?

Our study participants identified unsatisfactory experiences as anything from long wait times to unhelpful representatives to difficulties with communication channels – or even having issues left unresolved.

Conversely, their positive customer service experiences included interacting with friendly personnel, receiving prompt and effective responses to inquiries, no need to repeat the issue, and simply having their problems solved.

These factors are not just a luxury; they directly influence purchasing decisions and subsequently, Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) and business metrics. A speedy response (89%) is a crucial factor in choosing which companies to purchase from, along with an overall seamless experience (85%)."

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