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Our Marketplace
PhoneDo is a platform where we can all come together to help each other. We’re always on the lookout for complementary services that add to what we already do. If you are a service provider then come and join us! Anything that links directly to what we do is welcome. This includes - narration, jingles, on-hold music, call scripts, databases, voice marketing, SMS marketing, telephone processing, accounts, coaching, computers and software services, internet subscription, equipment, financial advice and courses in sales and support.
How Can I Contribute?
Do you provide any of these services? Can you think of anything else? We’d love to hear from you.
How Does it Work?
Step 1 - Registration
Complete your business details so we know a little more about you. This includes business name, address, profiles on social and business media, fields of practice, opening house, etc. Just so we can get to know you a little better!
Step 2 - Service
Set up your service packages on our website. This allows you to let our community know what you’re all about. Make it snappy and interesting.
Step 3 - Handling Orders
We pride ourselves in delivering the highest quality o customer service. We ask you to guarantee that you handle orders and delivery in the timescales agreed. That way we all move forward together. Unfortunately, if you don’t keep up your end of the bargain then we’ll have to remove you from the site.
How & when do I get paid?
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All earnings available for withdrawal immediately in any currency: by transferring to your local bank account, PayPal, Debit Card, or Paper Check.
What is PhoneDo’s cut?
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