Don't make your customers work hard. In the end you are the one who will hurt

A study conducted by Bain & Company, a management consulting firm, examined the impact of customer effort on customer loyalty. The study found that customers who had to exert more effort to resolve their issues with a company were significantly less likely to remain loyal to the brand.

In the study, researchers surveyed customers of various companies and measured their satisfaction levels based on the amount of effort they had to exert to resolve their issues. They found that customers who had to exert high levels of effort were 96% more likely to be disloyal to the company, compared to those who had low levels of effort.

The study also found that reducing customer effort can have a significant impact on customer loyalty. Companies that focused on reducing customer effort saw significant improvements in customer satisfaction and loyalty.

This research highlights the importance of minimizing customer effort in customer service and its impact on customer loyalty. By making it easy for customers to resolve their issues and reducing the amount of effort they need to exert, businesses can improve their customer service experience and retain more customers.

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